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Politics speculations on who is going to be in the race for the presidential elections in America is becoming increasingly versatile. I am from a humble country in Africa, one I thought had very vigorous politics. Well, to an extent, Kenyan politics are massively ruthless due to the instability that politics brings forth but rallying for votes will start at least six months to one year before elections. Politics in the USA however, due to vast media coverage, are taken to a whole different level. Politicians take the spot to hit at each other more than two years before the elections and it becomes a very dirty game when members of a different party unearth hidden linens for the candidate who seems to be the most likely threat from the other party.  It is a war between the Democrats vs the Republicans. Who will win this mid term elections? Who will eventually get to the 2016 presidential race, and who will win the elections as the next president of America? Only time will tell. We simply have to wait, and enjoy the circus.


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Politics between Democrats and republicans



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